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Defence Base Act

Workers' Compensation and Defense Base Act (DBA) services

Improving outcomes, one claim at a time

Charles Taylor Claims Services offers end-to-end Workers' Compensation and Defense Base Act services for insurance carriers; drawing on over four decades of award-winning medical case management and claims verification and supported by a truly global network of partners.

Providing global reach, local knowledge and technical expertise

Charles Taylor’s commitment is to ensure maximum medical improvement for claimants whilst containing costs for carriers, thanks to its worldwide presence, global network of partner providers, in-house specialists and negotiating strengths. The services extend to domestic and overseas claims, with many recipients located in remote and hostile areas, of which Charles Taylor has extensive experience.

Our services include

  • Incident investigation and verification
  • Injury and disability investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Alive and well checks
  • Death claims investigation
  • Settlement
  • Medical case management (MCM)
  • Independent medical evaluation (IME)
  • Peer review
  • 2nd opinion medical review
  • Deposition
  • Labor market survey (LMS)
  • Maximum medical improvement (MMI)
  • Cost containment

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What sets us apart from other providers?

Our global reach, local knowledge and technical expertise enable us to achieve maximum medical improvement for claimants and maximum cost containment for insurance carriers - without compromise.

Defence Base Act

We offer expert fraud investigation

Our claims validation experts ensure that every questionable claim is scrutinized and investigated on the ground if necessary - wherever it originates in the world. We think that getting the facts right, surveilling the scene and providing validatory reports are all important.

Defence Base Act

We’re fully compliant

Our highly-experienced, dedicated compliance and regulatory teams work closely with clients to ensure the highest standards of governance.

Defence Base Act

Our medical know-how is just part of it

Our in-house doctors and nurses ensure that every claimant’s medical needs are met 24/7/365. They are supported by multilingual assistance coordinators - speaking 32 languages between them, and by our repatriation and evacuation specialists, who manage every detail of commercial and emergency transfers - day in, day out.

Defence Base Act

We’re flexible

Thanks to our award-winning in-house claims management teams and state-of-the-art technology, we can manage catastrophic claims and fluctuating claims volumes, without compromising service.

Defence Base Act

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